Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, 27th: Racha Yai Island

Dive: 24
Dive Site: Racha Yai, Bungalow Bay
Max Depth: 14.3m
Bottom time: 54m
Water Temp: 28c
Visibility: 10m
Activities: Naturalists dive with Jisook. Sea condition remained green, and colder than usual. Tried to locate the Cement Blocks "artificial Reef" in the middle of the bay, but was not able to. Highlight of the dive is a swirling school of the yellow tailed baracudas & a couple of blue spotted stingray in the deserted sandy bottom of this bay.

Dive: 25
Dive Site: Racha Yai, Staghorn Reef (*)
Max Depth: 13.7m
Bottom time: 52m
Water Temp: 28c
Visibility: 20m+
Activities: U/W navigation dive with Jisook, assisted by Danny Pilling, my new jedi! She did exceptionally well, kick counts, turns, and completed all skills with no mistake. Quite cool! Nice mild drift took us from Bay 3 into Staghorn corals field. Danny wanted a picture of Nemo, and was rewarded with more than he could shot. I did not bring camera for this dive, as I had reel and a bit of swimming to do with the navigation practice.

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