Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Saturday, 23rd: Racha Yai Island (East Coast)

Dive: 19
Dive Site: Stag Horn Reef, Bay 2 (*)

Max Depth: 12m
Bottom time: 41 min
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 15-20m
Activities: Tim & Emily third dive of the Jr OW Course. So far, they are amazing. Tim has such enthusiasm toward diving that made me feel so excited again in being an instructor. He preferred to do everything on his own, and was willing to try anything in the water. Emily, shy at first, but was warming up to diving toward the end of the course, was still quite nervous with any skills that required putting water in the mask. She performed the mask flooded & clear perfectly, so brave of her :-)! Jennifer & Alex Aiken, the kids' parents, joined us for fun dives with Kenneth leading the way. Marine life of note: Giant Morrays, Mantis Shrimp, western clown fish, huge bearded scorpion fish, and the usual reef su
spects hung out over the field of staghorn corals.

Dive: 20
Dive Site: Bay 1 to 2 (*)

Max Depth: 8.5m
Bottom time: 47 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 15-20m
Comments: Current picked up and the kids last dive for the course became a drift dive! Both performed their final skills beautifully, especially Emily having to remove & replace her mask at 6m. We drifted, and both of them attached to my hip (literally) for the entire dive :-) (see photo below) Teaching kids to dive is one of my passion. Tim & Emily had shown me why I love sharing the joy of the under water world to the future of our planet. It's an honor for me to certify Tim & Emily with the ability to Scuba Dive (with their parents supervision still of course), and I am so looking forward to dive with them again in the near future.

For Emily: You are very welcome & thank you for the very cool secret message :-)! I decipher it without looking at the answer... Scuba diving requires a safe descend using a regulator so you can see a beautiful lionfish!!!!

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