Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sunday, 24th: Racha Noi Island

Dive: 21
Dive Site: Racha Noi Bay, East coast

Max Depth: 30m
Bottom time: 54 min.
Water Temp: 26C
Visibility: 20m+
Activities: Adventure dive with Jisook, deep dive. Cold and green were the condition in Racha noi today. It was 2 days after full moon, so we expected strong current. However, it was a mild water movement, moving N to S, but thermocline dropped the temperature from 28c to 26c, making the deep dive quite short at depth. Marine life of interest: a gang of butterfly fish hovering without a care in the world plus the usual reef fish chilled out on top of hard corals & swam in between the crevices of rocks & boulders.

Dive: 22
Dive Site: Banana Bay, East coast
Max Depth: 20.7m
Bottom time: 52 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 20m+
Activities: A drift dive that lost its luster. So much for the tide table helping us predicting the current. A moderate drift was expected, but we were surprised with zero current! Spent a good 10 min. getting my nails manicured by my fav red-striped cleaner shrimps. Jisook got worried when we bumped into a "really" huge giant morray toward the end of the dive, massive dude about 2m long and as wide as me!

Dive: 23
Dive Site: Racha Yai Home Run Reef
Max Depth: 21m
Bottom time: 43m
Water Temp: 28c
Visibility: 20m+
Activities: Jisook & I went to the wreck off bay 1 on the East Coast of Racha Yai. It's an old wooden boat, the Andaman Queen, now is splited in half. On the way to the wreck, we spent 5 min. with a Mantis Shrimp, taking a stroll in the middle of the sandy bottom. The wreck was full of yellow lined snappers. A pair of cuttle fish, turned ivory in color, slowed us down on the way back to homerun reef.

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