Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Saturday, 9th: Shark Point Marine Sanctuary

Dive: 14
Dive Site: Ko Bida Nai, Phi Phi (*)
Max Depth: 22.5m
Bottom time: 48 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 20m+
Comments: Dive with Mogan to Fantasy Garden, saw a blue spotted stingray and leopard shark immediately after swimming out of the swim through. The garden was covered with school of yellow-lined snappers, common lionfishes hanging and hiding from the current behind giant gorgonian sea fans, and barely seen the school of resident pickhandled barracudas in the blue. Current went mad, where I can't tell if it was head north or south, we were trapped in between both, inside the bay, like a washing machine!

Dive: 15
Dive Site: Shark Point
Max Depth: 15.8m
Bottom time: 48 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 10-5m
Comments: Sophiya's 50th dive! And remember that white eyed moray eels rock in my previous logged dive? well, they are still alive and kicking. Back scatters, low viz, and loads of water movement made the dive quite challenging for my young jedi. Though she still logged one of her longest dive yet...

Dive: 16
Dive Site: Ko Doc Mai, West side
Max Depth: 11.5m
Bottom time: 28 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 10-5m
Comments: Surge, low viz, and just difficult condition for us to enjoy the dive, ended it early half way through for safety reason.

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