Thursday, April 9, 2009

7th - 8th April: Sharkpoint & Phi Phi

Tuesday, 7th April
Dive 032:
King Cruiser Wreck
Max Depth: 31.4m ; Bottom time: 39 min

Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 15-20m

Dive 033: Shark Point
Max Depth: 18.2m ; Bottom time: 50 min

Water Temp: 30c; Visibility:

Dive 034: koh Doc Mai *
Max Depth: 19.2m ; Bottom time: 55 min

Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 10-15

Wednesday, 8th April

Dive 035: Koh Bida Nok *
Max Depth: 24.6m ; Bottom time: 56 min

Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 10-15m

Dive 036: Pilong Wall, Koh Phi Phi Le
Max Depth: 16.1m ; Bottom time: 63 min

Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 10-15m

Comments: Two days of diving with Mikael, came back to visit for the umpteen times from Denmark. After so many dives at our local sites, I am still in awe of the amazing life I see each time I go under... We literally swam into a couple of Leopard sharks, swimming around, unfortunately, to current and low Viz didn't allow us any photo opportunity. See the latest dive condition and marine life at My Facebook photo album.

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