Friday, March 27, 2009

25th March: Nusa Penida, Bali

Dive 030: Manta Point *
Max Depth: 13.7m ; Bottom time: 67 min
Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 10-15m

Dive 031: Ped *
Max Depth: 23.7m ; Bottom time: 69 min

Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 30

Comment: A little escape to Bali for me to recharge the system. After much searching for a confirmed dive trip anywhere for 2 days, I was able to joined Atlantis International Bali for a daytrip to Nusa Penida (with the help of Emmanuel & Virginie, our Beuchat Asia Pacific Team). Jerome, of Atlantis, was gracious host. Guy was my dive guide, and did try his best to keep me in check from straying "solo" throughout the dives. Well, Manta Point did not disappoint, as 4 various sized mantas come by often during the 64 minutes dive. They were as friendly to divers as fish can get, hanging in the surge & current for the crowd to take photos. Ped was a nice dive site, with fantastic visibility. The drift dive took us across some of the healthiest reef I've seen in the region. Only sad part of the dives were the amount of plastic bags floating on the surface and caught on corals underwater... the need to educate the evil of plastic bags continue to be a challenge for so many of us dive pro in the region.

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