Tuesday, February 17, 2009

16th February: Koh Pu & Kata Reef

Monday, 16th February
Dive 016: Koh Pu (North side)

Max Depth: 19.5m ; Bottom time: 46 min

Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 2-5m

Dive 017: Kata Reef *
Max Depth: 9.7m ; Bottom time: 85 min
(2009 record)
Water Temp: 28c; Visibility:

comment: North side of Koh Pu was littered with nudibranches (most common was risbecia pulchella), however, the thermocline condition made taking photo a huge disappointment. I couldn't get my Sea & Sea DX860G to perform any miracle. However, the dive at Kata Reef was one of my best dives in years, and also one of my longest on a single tank, with still 70 bar left after 85 minutes. See my video clip of the juvenile shrimpfish, to darn small for photo. At 3m in the sandy bottom, just off the south side of the reef, a couple of small outcrops of hard corals were where we found 4 Ornate ghost pipefish, a cuttlefish and 3 gangly lionfish preventing me for 15 minutes from coming close to the crevices for a shot at the ghost pipefish. I spent 35 minutes here, after planning to head back to the beach. See the photos at my Facebook album. How's that for a beach dive :-)

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