Monday, February 2, 2009

31 Jan - 1 Feb: Two days in the similans

Saturday, 31st January
Dive 009: East of Eden, Island #7

Max Depth: 22.2m ; Bottom time: 52 min

Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 15-30m

Dive 010: West of Eden, Island #7
Max Depth: 21.9m ; Bottom time: 45 min

Water Temp: 26c; Visibility: 15-20m

Dive 011: Anita's Reef, Island #5
Max Depth: 19.5m ; Bottom time: 49 min

Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 30m

Sunday, 1st February
Dive 012: Breakfast's Bend, Island #9

Max Depth: 24.3m ; Bottom time: 55 min

Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 20-30m

Dive 013: North Point, Island #9
Max Depth: 25.9m ; Bottom time: 48 min

Water Temp: 27c; Visibility:

comments: Dropped into East of Eden for my check-out dive in the similans at 8:13am on the last day of January. Visibility was spectacular as always, and condition was favorable, with a medium current pushing us North. Khao Lak Scuba Adventure was nice enough to let me spend a couple of nights aboard MV Manta Queen II while waiting for my guests to arrive in the Marine Park. Hannah, Boy, Dan and the Captain were superb in helping us sorting out the meeting point in the Similans for the dives.
Gabriel, P. Toon, and Gabriel Sr. from the MY Olympia (aka the Twinpalms One) joined me for the second to fifth dives of the weekend. Gabriel Sr. (Papa) was an amazing diver, at 70+ years old, he was much more comfortable swimming under water than probably walking on land:-) He had much fascination in Groupers, as I was shown on every dive where they were hidden. Few of the photos for the dives are posted on my Facebook album for January random shots.

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