Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tuesday, 18th: Phi Phi Overnight (Day 2)

Tonsai Beach at dawn, Phi Phi Don Island.

Dive: 31
Dive Site: Ko Bida Nai (*)
Max Depth: 30.4m
Bottom time: 51 min

Water Temp: 28c
Visibility: 20-25m
Activities: Best dive of the trip! Spectacular viz after we left our sandy bottom at the start of the deep dive. Blue spotted stingray, yellow lip sea krate, a couple sighting of leopard sharks & a green turtle wedging itself in between layers of a table coral were in the first 10 minutes of the dive.

Dive: 32
Dive Site: Shark Point
Max Depth: 18.5m
Bottom time: 53 min
Water Temp: 29c
Visibility: 5-10m
Activities: typical shark point, beautiful coral life & school of fish returned. The eel rock still reward us with gang of white eyes morays swimming & feeding. Current picked up, thus the drift dive went a bit quick from pinnacle 1 to 2.

Dive: 33
Dive Site: Ko Doc Mai
Max Depth: 17.6m
Bottom time: 48 min
Water Temp: 29c
Visibility: 15m
Activities: Stronger current, but manageable. It's the usual wall dive without any spectacular spotting this time.

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