Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Sunday, 23rd: Racha Yai Island

Dive: 35
Dive Site: Staghorn Reef
Max Depth: 33.2m
Bottom time: 40 min
Water Temp: 29c
Visibility: 15-20m
Activities: Deep dive with Danny, logging his deepest depth in the sandy bottom of Staghorn Reef. We touched 33 meters, mild thermocline, and fantastic viz to help us navigate back to the reef.

Dive: 36
Dive Site: Home Run, Bay 1
Max Depth: 22.8m
Bottom time: 46 min
Water Temp: 29c
Visibility: 15-20m
Activities: Practice Marking the re-location of the Andaman Princess wreck out side the bay. A mild thermocline keep the temp around 28 at depth. An easy current drifted us for the rest of the dive, giving Danny the opportunities to spot the usual reef suspects for his photos collection. A small pod of Bottle nose dolphins cruised pass the boat & hung out for a good 10 minutes near bay 1.

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