Friday, July 1, 2011

From Similans to Malapascua to Mabul

What a great first 6 months of 2011 for us here at Rumble fish Adventure!

RfA celebrated the start of our 10th year in diving with 3 weeks of diving, covering 3 countries. Aboard our chartered yatch, MV Scuba Explorer, we welcome back our friends and colleagues from around the globe to help us 'dive' into our next decade in style.

Our second leg brought us to Malapascua, the Philippines, diving with our friends at Evolution. as this was my first dive trip into this great reef corner, we achieved our objective in seeing the graceful Thresher shark at Monad Shoal. The house Reef just outside of the dive shop proved to be great 'shooting ground' for our photographers, capturing fantastic macro species from seahorses, lobsters, shrimps and rarest of nudibranches.

Finally, we stopped into Semporna for a few last dives with our friends at Scuba Junkie. Mabul didn't fail to impress with wonderful dives at the Mabul's Artificial Reef, Kapalai House Reef, and Lobsters Wall.

Click here for some photos of the dives.

Thank you to our colleagues at Gillmanoids Kuala Lumpur, our friends from the Marriott USA Kristina, Clae, Andrea, Kody, Wes, our RfA Club members Dan, Renee, Dave and our former IDC candidates Ron, Johnathan and Patrick for coming and making the celebration a memorable experience.


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