Friday, May 8, 2009

a Day with Andrew Johnstone

Dive 045: King Cruiser Wreck
Max Depth: 31m ; Bottom time: 39 min

Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 15-20m

Dive 046:
Shark Point
Max Depth: 18.9m ; Bottom time: 46 min
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility:

Dive 047:
Koh Doc Mai
Max Depth: 22.2m ; Bottom time: 46 min
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 10-15

Comment: A fantastic day diving in May, the weather was cloudy and the sea was flat. We arrived on the King Cruiser just in time for almost slack tide, which meant no current. Andrew is retired, and recently fell in love with diving. He held his air usage very well as my dive buddy, thus allowing us to extend our bottom time on all 3 dives. Amazing fish life at the wreck, leopard sharks are back at Shark Point (we saw three), and the red frogfish and white seashorse are still on the wall at Ko Doc Mai. Few photos of the day are on my Picassa album.

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