Monday, December 1, 2008

29th November: First Dive at For Sea AirWreck

Dive 132: Dakota (D2) Plane
Max Depth: 21.9m ; Bottom time: 39 min
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 2-5m

Dive 133: Dakota (D3) Plane
Max Depth: 17.9m ; Bottom time: 38 min
Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 2-5m

Comments: A windy day off Bangtao Beach, Phuket for the celebrated first dive at the newly sunk wrecks. The dive site is officially named For Sea AirWreck Dive Site (despite the politically motivated TDA - CMAS organization attempt to call it something else). Descending into the stirred up sandy bottom, visibility was at best 5m or so. We reached the Dakota D2 at 20m, sighting it for the first time. The plane is intact, sitting upright, secured tightly by ropes and cement blocks to the bottom. The interior is easily penetrated, wide open with opening for sunlights from both sides. Its body however is littered with "self-proclaimed" stickers and banners by TDA & CMAS, creating an ugly image (looks like all of those damm bill boards selling property on the island) for the artificial reef. Please support in the conservation of our Andaman sea, AVOID businesses who support or associate with any organization whose is "placing graffiti" on dive sites promoting their own self-indulgence dive businesses.

Due to the tide changing & windy conditions, the wreck is quite challenging for beginners or inexperience divers. However, I do foresee if condition is favorable later in the season, this is one fantastic dive site for wreck lovers. To dive this dive site, please contact any dive businesse
s who support Thailand For Sea Foundation, the non-profit organization whose interest is to raise awareness to the plight of the seas surrounding Thailand.

Photos: Dakota D2 (top); Broken Self-proclaimed TDA & CMAS canvas sign that can hurt unsuspected turtles (middle); Dakota D3 (bottom)

more photos are found at my Facebook album.

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