Tuesday, September 9, 2008

6th & 8th September: IDC training dives

Friday, 6th: Ko Hei
Dive 97: East Side
Max Depth: 7.3m ; Bottom time: 67 min
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 5-10m

Monday, 8th: Ko Hei

Dive 98: Coral Island Resort West Side
Max Depth: 8.2m ; Bottom time: 58 min
Water Temp: 28c; Visibility: 3-5m

Comment: We chartered a speedboat for the 2 days. The guys, Andy, Brendan, Richard & Steve, had a bit of brain-lapsed in the first day of open water presentation. The second day was much better with control & delivery, though there were still moments of "duh" under water. Much work still needed to tie all of the loose ends together... Some video clips of the guys delivering their presentations for Rescue Course and Adventure in Diving are at my Youtube. Take a look!

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