Monday, August 11, 2008

10th August - Koh Doc Mai, King Cruiser & Shark Point

Dive 83: Koh Doc Mai
Max Depth: 24.6m ; Bottom time: 52 min
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 20m+

Dive 84: King Cruiser Wreck *
Max Depth: 21.6m ; Bottom time: 40 min
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 20m+

Dive 85: Shark Point *
Max Depth: 19.2m ; Bottom time: 52 min
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 20m+

Comment: Beautiful day for diving, flat sea and sunny skies! I was joined by Brem & Maaike, from the Dive Shop Cambodia (their first dive in the Andaman), Saskia, and Brendan, my current padi-wan DMT. Condition also was fantastic under water. We got 20m+ Viz for all 3 dive sites, and very little current. King Cruiser has collapsed a little bit more now, as the stern where the toilets are located, sunk another 5m or so deeper. It's one storm away from falling to the bottom. Brendan did a good job getting the gang through Ko Doc Mai for the first dive. The bow of the King Cruiser is covered with thousands of snappers. We saw a pair of hunting baracudas on pinnacle 1 of Shark point, and the safety stop, a 1.5m leopard shark cruised by to show of his graceful swim... Overall, cool diving day. Photos are uploaded to my Picassa album.

See a video clip of the car deck, in the King Cruiser's Bow:

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