Sunday, May 11, 2008

9th-10th May: Phi Phi Island

Friday, 9th May 2008
Dive 66:
Ko Doc Mai
Max Depth: 24m ; Bottom time: 37 min
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 5-10m

Dive 67: Bida Nai, Phi Phi Islands
Max Depth: 17m ; Bottom time: 45 min
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 5-15m

Dive 68: Lohsama Bay, Phi Phi Le Island
Max Depth: 17.0m ; Bottom time: 48 min
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 5-10m

Comments: A good and not too difficult first dive for Will & Margaret. Ko Doc Mai cooperated with mild
current and enough marine life for a check-out dive. Ko Bida Nai was a bit strange, as we began the dive in very milky condition & vis. However, turning the corner into the swim-through, the vis cleared out and allowed a very nice view of the coral garden. Green turtle, yellow-lined snappers, and various pufferfish (seal face, mapped, common etc.) are among the features of the dive. Lohsama Bay surprised me! I haven't been on this dive site in a few years, however, this dive was excellent! Cloudy skies and stormy condition made it as if it was a night dive. With flashlights on, the canyon presented 6 different nudibranch, slugs & flatworms! It was as if I was diving in Indonesia :-) an awesome dive for the macro enthusiasts, and a hidden gem for photographers looking for an easy & shallow site with loads of life.

Saturday, 10th May 2008

Dive 69: Bida Nok, Phi Phi Islands
Max Depth: 23.1m ; Bottom time: 44 min (32% EAN)
Water Temp: 29c; Visibility: 10-15m

Dive 70: Table Coral City, Phi Phi Le Island
Max Depth: 21.6m ; Bottom time: 48 min (32% EAN)
Water Temp: 30c; Visibility: 10m

Comments: Ah, what a gorgeous morning, sunshine, blue skies, and urgh... lots of wind! Ko Bida Nok surface was very choppy, with waves & swells of 2-3m. Descending into the sandy bottom just outside its small cove, we bumped into a green turtle :-) The rest of the dive was quite relax, a bit of surge, and also mild current moving us along nicely. Marine life features: Bluespotted stingray, pharaoh cuttlefish, feeding jacks, and a 2m leopard shark relaxing in the sand at the end of the dive. Moving to Table Coral city, on the east side of Phi Phi Le to hide away from the wind and waves, for our second dive of the trip. Great patches of coral pinnacles, featuring the "damsel fish" in various families: tomatoes & western clownfish, skunk & clark's anemonefish, soldiers fish (part of the squirrelfish family), and a resting Hawksbill turtle.

More photos at Picassa, click on the album below:
Margaret & Will PP dive adventure

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