Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday, 11th: Phi Phi Islands

Dive: 1
Dive Site: Ko Bida Nok

Max Depth: 9.6m
Bottom time: 35 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 10-15m
Activities: DSD Experience
comments: Perfect weather day for diving, clear blue skies, calm sea, and half empty MV Dive Asia II boat. Dive stared from the bay with my 2 DSD guests from Paraguay, Diego & Violeta.
Thermalcline under water caused the color to be green instead of brilliant blue. In shallow water, we saw bumphead parrot fish (aprox. 40cm), multiple giant clams (30-40cm), school of glassfish, neon fusiliers, crocodile needle fish, a pack of common lion fish (6 together), and our usual damsel fishes of western clownfish (aka Nemo), clark's anemone, tomato anemone, pink anemone fishes.

Dive: 2
Dive Site: Ko Bida Nai (*)

Max Depth: 9.8m
Bottom time: 36 min.
Water Temp: 28C
Visibility: 10-20m
Activities: DSD Experience
comments: Current pick-up and the dive became a nice little drift experience for our DSD divers :-) Similar marine life as the the first, except we saw more golden & giant morrays, groupers, butterfly fish, and one beautiful Green Turtle (almost 1m in length). Corals are more spectacular here than Bida Nok, especially the north side of the island, near the canyon & swim through, between the islands.

* all photos are of the actual dive site, taken by my DSD divers on the day of the dives. Other photos:

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